5 Syntagma Square 21100, Nafplio Greece
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a challenge for your senses

We have put love and care into creating a very special space on the ground floor of The Epoch House, one where you can discover the most distinctive flavours and aromas of the blessed land of Argolis. We invite you to experience it with all your senses and feel the serenity, balance and joy fill you as if you were walking in a wonderfully fragrant orange grove on a sunny morning. Welcome to The Orange Shop!

Fine Local Wines

For lovers of wine “that gladdens the heart” and those who wish to be introduced to the fascinating world of winemaking, we have selected the best wine labels signed by local wine producers who are distinguished by their passion and persistence. Select a wine from our excellent collection and enjoy it on your balcony overlooking the old town, or take it with you when you go, to share with good friends. 

Local homemade Products

For almost a year, we tried countless locally-sourced artisanal products to finally discover the purest and most delicious flavours, and to share a sweet, culinary experience with you. On the shelves of The Orange Shop, you will find a wide variety of artisanal jams, spoon sweets and confections, made from local fruit (such as lemons, apricots, and, of course, oranges!), created with inspiration, and respect for tradition. They are offered during breakfast for you to try, and we are sure their excellent quality will conquer your palate and your heart. 

Souvenirs from Nafplio

Unique creations by the local artist Katerina Bekiari, replicas of the engravings of our rooms... are just some of the souvenirs you can get from The Orange Shop to remind you forever of your stay at our hotel. 


If you want to sit back, check your e-mail, deal with obligations or simply browse the internet, you may use the modern desk available in the elegant lobby area. The fully equipped work space – including a computer, a tablet, Wi-Fi, and charging stations for phones and other mobile devices – will meet the standards of even the most demanding guests.

The Reception

Behind the glass entrance to our hotel, you will find the elegant, modern lobby, where the reception staff will welcome you with courtesy and a smile for your check-in. Do not hesitate to ask for information and directions regarding your stay in the town of Nafplio or your nearby excursions, to express your objective opinion about our hotel, and to ask our staff for anything that can make your stay with us special and unforgettable! 


indulge in delight

  • Fermented in stainless steel tanks. Short extraction and maturation on fine lees. 13.5% vol PGI Peloponnese

  • Rich, full flavour, refreshing acidity and subtle sweetness with an accompanying fruity intensity. 12.0% vol PGI Peloponnese

  • Rich, velvety flavour, with refreshing acidity and strong aromas that accompany the long-lasting finish. 12% vol PGI Peloponnese

  • The fruitiness of the olive is in perfect harmony with the aromas of ripe fruit, herbs, citrus fruit, chamomile flowers, nuts and green tea

  • One of the sweetest honeys provided by the Peloponnesian nature, rich in antibacterial and antioxidant substances 

  • Oak was the tree of the ancient god Zeus. Oak honey is produced from honeydew and is particularly rich in antioxidants and minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

  • Thyme honey, from the ancient Greek verb “thyo” and the word “thymos”, which, among other things, means “to give off a pleasant scent” and “vital force”, is among the best varieties of honey worldwide. Rich in carbohydrates and pollen!

  • A unique product, mainly because of its low glucose content. It also has antioxidant, restorative, cosmetic and soothing properties; it is a natural stress reliever and nourishes our nervous system.

  • High-quality homemade dessert, made from 100% fresh oranges and grape juice produced in Greece

  • Prepared with motherly care by a Greek women’s cooperative, it guarantees excellent quality and taste, evoking childhood memories from the first spoonful!

  • High-quality traditional homemade strawberry jam, made with grape juice produced in Greece.

  • High-quality homemade dessert, made from 100% fresh cherries and grape juice produced in Greece.

  • Inextricably linked to the Greek cuisine, oregano comes from the Greek words “oros”, which means mountain, and “ganos”, which means joy or pleasure, and is undeniably one of the most nutritious and therapeutic herbs since ancient times.

  • Homemade cereal bars with honey, citrus fruit, nuts and other high nutritional value ingredients, made with special care for The Orange Shop.

  • During your stay, you can also enjoy a select range of natural body and hair care cosmetics made from extra virgin olive oil and a variety of Greek herbs and essential oils.

  • Inspired by the rich history of the town of Nafplio, depicting scenes that you can also find adorning the hotel rooms, these engravings were handcrafted especially for The Orange Shop, as the perfect souvenir to take with you!